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Feb 3, 2013 4:10am EST
. and u.s. say they are committed to a assad free syria. the obama administration has sent more than 200 million in aid to syria since the uprising began in march 200011. that aid has been limited to humanitarian assistance and nonlethal aid to the opposition to provide services and plan for post besotted syria of that today seems far off. -- assad syria that since far off. they have all but ruled out military action. the syrian people have called for more u.s. help. the region is looking for more american leadership. in the united states there is a debate on whether the u.s. can and should save it syria. we have a stellar panel. robert kagan is a senior fellow at the brookings institution. his most recent book, the world america made has been published. he also serves as a member of secretary of state. he writes a monthly column on world affairs for the washington post and a contributing f. -- editor. joshua landis is an associate professor at the university of oklahoma. he writes a daily newsletter on syrian policy that attracts 200,000 page reads a month. it is one of the most thought
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1